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Recambios Industriales en Transmisión de Potencia  Fu Iberica, s.l.    GEAR REDUCERS REPAIRING       
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Repairing gear reducers. Fault management.

The fault management gear reducer is a critical task. In most cases requires an immediate resolution to resume production quickly.

If the gear unit is possible, then we must analyze your convenience, against the alternative of replacement. This will need to check the status of the transmission system as a whole and each of its components.

In the repair of gearboxes of great powers, with large gear pairs, it is usual not to replace the gear for the high replacement cost.

Early detection of damage gear reducer

Early detection is key to prevent further deterioration of the failed component. It also prevents the other components remains to be affected by chip or forced by the imbalance caused in the whole transmission system.

Vibration and wear points are external symptoms of damage and imbalances inside the reducer.

External analysis by video-endoscope

In the maintenance and inspection, the video-endoscope saves time and expense of dismantling machines.

For a comprehensive verification of the incident, the video-endoscope allows inspection of the interior of plant and machinery, saving time and expense of dismantling the machine.

Another great advantage lies in the possibility of connecting to a laptop or a computer that can hold the image when you want.

The importance of proper maintenance

To ensure proper operation and long life must be provided for the maintenance of the gearbox. Avoid strikes by surprise, extending the life of the component before irreversible breakage.

You have to perform continuous monitoring of vibrations and possible points of wear of the machine. These external symptoms betray a more than probable imbalance, deterioration or breakage of the internal gears.

Convenience gear repair or replacement

You must resolve the dilemma of the appropriateness of redress against the alternative of replacement. There must compare the cost of either solution, including transportation.

They take into account the costs of production interruption since the time spent on the repair is not the same as the replacement.

They inspect the condition of other gear reducer if necessary by reducing replenishment to prevent future damage at a similar time.

If the reason for the failure is overloading, should be evaluated whether the overload has been punctual, if you can repeat and how often. This will tell us whether the gear has become outdated when subjected to higher loads than those foreseen in the design.

FU Ibérica. The tranquility of having an experienced partner

The engineering department FU Ibérica is available to the client to assist in decision making. For repairing gear great powers (from two tons) FU Ibérica incorporated as a technology partner to the German Keller, leader in the design, manufacture, maintenance and repair of special gear.



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