Recambios Industriales en Transmision de Potencia
Recambios Industriales en Transmisión de Potencia  Fu Iberica, s.l.
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Recambios Industriales en Transmisión de Potencia  Fu Iberica, s.l.      BRANDS       
Brakes Frenos y Embragues Eaton Airflex Brakes
Recognized in the industry. Drives and couplings.
Robustness and quality.
American manufacturing.
Quality and accuracy.
German manufacturing.
Spiral Bevel Gearbox Reductores Keller Clutches
Among the best known.
Robust and efficient
English manufacture.
Twiflex Brakes +Info »
World leader in manufacture and repairing of gearboxes and great power.
Keller BigGrate Power Gears +Info»
Repairing Keller Repairing + Info»
Unique and exclusive.
American manufacturing.
Clutches Reductores JIV Speed Modulation Gearboxes
For special applications.
American manufacturing.
Hilliard Brakes & Clutches +Info »
Reducers. Custom calculation and designed for each application.
Special applications.
French manufacture.
VAN DER GRAFF : Embragues manuales y acoplamientos de arranque progresivo. Reductores JIV Diferenciales Dinamicos
Manual clutches and couplings-start.
Limiters and clutches.
Links locking.
Fixing rings.
  ALBERT: Elevadores de husillo, actuadores lineales y engranajes especiales.  
Elevators screw, linear actuators and special gear.
Power Transmission  Industrial Parts
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